Galactus the Devourer

GalactusGalactus the Devourer, or Galactus to his friends, has been around since literally the beginning of time, at least in our universe. After sleeping for billions of years he decides to eat the planet Archeopia, like you do in that situation, and for the next billion years or so he travels the universe devouring Worlds and even gets caught up in a civil war between Gods. At first Galactus tries to keep his ” devouring” to uninhabited Worlds, but then he essentially says to himself “Hey, I’m basically a God and have been in this Universe since the beginning , I don’t care about these things.” so he commences to consume everything until he comes across the planet  Zenn-La and, due to the convincing of one of its inhabitants, decides to not consume the planet in exchange for the one that convinced him not to, to become his herald and search for plants for him to consume, Thus Silver surfer is born!

The silver surfer makes his way  to Earth,  since he is imbued with a little of Galactus’ power he can now travel at the speed of light, where he encounters the Fantastic four and they eventually get the Silver Surfer to connect with his humanity, or the alien equivalent,  and decides to team up with them in order to attempt to defeat Galactus. Once Galactus arrives expecting a meal, he learns of the Silver Surfers betrayal and once he is “defeated” Galactus leaves the Silver Surfer to contemplate his betrayal on Earth while he swears to never attempt to eat Earth again. But like all douches this is a lie as he comes back to Earth in an attempt to re-enlist the Silver Surfer to take up his heralding duties once again, but the Fantastic 4 once again joins the Silver Surfer to defeat Galactus’ newest herald, Air-Walker, and through some computer know how Mr. Fantastic re-programs  Galactus’ ship to travel to the  Negative Zone which contains many inhabited planets for Galactus to consume.

And if you’re feeling that empty pit in your soul, here is a religion that preaches the coming of galactus 


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